T-Shirt Evangelism

The Christian Apparel Faith & Motivational Research Report, a 2009 survey, shows that.

  • More than half - 56.8 percent - of survey respondents who wore Christian Witnessing apparel report that at least one person with no personal faith in Christ asked about the garment’s message.
  • Almost half - 44.4 percent - said that while wearing a Christian-themed t-shirt, they had shared their faith.
  • 4 percent of respondents said that they were able to lead someone to the Lord because of a conversation that was started by the message on their t-shirt.
  • Of nonbelievers who entered a conversation based on a shirt’s message, 7.4 percent made a decision for Christ.
  • Fully 98 percent of survey respondents said they hoped the messaged apparel would grab the attention of someone without a similar faith.

More surveys have been conducted to better understand the impact of t-shirt evangelism, here are the results.

* 72.7 % of survey respondents confessed to regularly wearing Christian Clothing while 45.5 % has bought a Christian Clothing item online

*When asked about the response they received when they wore the T-shirt:

  • 54.5% said they received encouragement from other believers because of the T-shirt’s message
  • 27.3 % responded that at least one unbeliever asked about the T-shirt’s message
  • while only 9 % received criticism because of the T-shirt
  • and 9% did not receive a response at all

* More than half  54.5%  reported sharing their faith with someone at least once, because of wearing a Christian T-shirt

while 9 % reported to have shared their faith many times because of wearing a Christian T-shirt.

*Although 70% have not had the opportunity yet to lead someone to Christ because of sharing their faith in such a way, 10% reports that they have led more than one person to Christ because of such a conversation.

* 72.7% of survey respondents hopes that by wearing a Christian T-shirt, the message will be an encouragement to those who read it, while 45.5 % reports loving wearing Christian T-shirts because it expresses their opinions and beliefs.

Here at Called & Chosen Apparel we believe that a unique design can and will provoke the curiosity of others.  Today’s Christian apparel tends to be very bland and repetitive with the same type of designs or scriptures being used.  Although there is nothing wrong with that we believe that to truly catch the attention of people especially our youth we must be able to relate to them without sacrificing holiness.  That’s why we have come up with some of the most unique designs you will ever see on the market.  Our t-shirts are sure to catch the attention of people and give you the opportunity you need to share your faith and testimony.

Have a success story you want to share? Send us an email at [email protected] so we can show the world the power of t-shirt evangelism!